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Syariah Compliance Implementation Training 2022

The development of potential human resources (HR) for companies is very necessary to increase the potential of employees to carry out their daily tasks. As an employee, you should develop according to the needs and developments of time. The form of increasing human resources can be done through training, seminars, gatherings and others.

Company HR (sharia compliance) training is needed to increase work morale and develop employee skills. Any company, will carry out training as a form of facility and upgrading the capabilities of its employees.

PT ICS Group as a seafood export and domestic company is very concerned about improving the capabilities and skills of its human resources. This is the first time the ICS Group has conducted a sharia-based HR development program, as it was held on 29 - 30 January 2022 in Surabaya. The HR development program carried out is understanding related to the application of sharia in the company's business. This was carried out in collaboration with MTR (No Riba Society).

This activity lasted for 2 (two) days in Surabaya, to provide understanding and capacity building, understanding related to sharia in corporate business based on Islamic spiritual values ​​(sharia). This event is intended to be like the company's vision "to become a World Class Sharia Company".

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